Fire Expert
Gaisrinės saugos inžinerija


 UAB FIRE EXPERT main areas of activity - designers, contractors and individuals consulting fire safety issues. Company specialists develop fire safety part of the fixed fire extinguishing systems of fire detection and alarm systems technical work projects, performs a variety of fire safety parameter estimates, provide author's project management services.

 UAB FIRE EXPERT mission: professionally and responsibly to provide security services to fire departments to implement the unique design solutions. Based on customer needs, continuously improve the quality of service, expertise and ensure the dynamic development of fire safety.

  UAB FIRE EXPERT success story: a few years actively working with passive fire protection systems, installation of construction sites showed professional advice and solutions for optimal fire safety supply needs. The company's activities started by attracting individual based on different areas of fire safety professionals as the formation of a strong fire protection engineering team is capable of providing competent and engineering consulting services. For services formed a rich stable of clients